The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

The Invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd

This is not a new book – I picked it up from the library the other day, not knowing quite what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t put it down.   It is the fictionalised account of the life of one of America’s premier female abolitionists and feminists, Sarah Grimké.   Running along in tandem is the story of her erstwhile slave, Hetty, or ‘Handful’ as she is known.    The book is set in pre-Civil war era Charleston and Philadelphia.  The writing style is sensitive and rich in atmosphere.   It was interesting to read about the struggles of these women and the book was well centred in the period.  It does have a lecture-like tone to it in some areas but not enough to detract from the core of the story, which runs along at a good pace.   Ms. Kidd obviously immersed herself in substantial research when writing this book and her references to African story-telling through the medium of crafts and quilt-making was a clever approach.

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ISBN  1472212770

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