The Atlantis Stone by Nick Thacker

The Atlantis Stone Nick Thacker  (Second in a series of three e-books from the author)

This was another blistering good read – mixing the excitement of Indiana Jones with the mythical/legend hypotheses of Dan Brown.  The story is full of action and held my interest right up to the last page.  Some people have complained that other books by this author feature very short chapters which they find annoying – I don’t find this at all, I think as a device it works very well, keeping the reader engrossed, nicely chopping up bits of the action without slowing the pace.

A mythical crystal holds the key to all knowledge and power on this planet.  Our hero, Bryce, is thrown headfirst into the action moving from America to the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, the astounding edifices of Petra and eventually to Easter Island.  The landscapes and monuments depicted in the book are detailed enough to give the reader a real sense of place.

I am looking forward to more of Nick Thacker’s mystery thriller books, he handles the genre very well.  The only nag I had was the introduction of a female character, Corinne, who didn’t seem to have anything purposeful to do other than console her aging uncle as well as one of the male protagonists – she was basically ‘set dressing’. In Nick’s other book, ‘The Enigma Strain’, his heroine Julie definitely wasn’t around to just look pretty.

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My condensed from above review is here

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