The Enigma Strain by Nick Thacker

The Enigma Strain Nick Thacker

This is one of three e-books I obtained from Nick Thacker via his website.

Great plot and story development, believable characters, plenty of action.  I thoroughly enjoyed this read, it moves along at a fair pace and never gets bogged down with too much ‘science stuff’.

The premise is interesting – an ancient virus ends up wiping out people all over the place and our hero and heroine are thrown together to sort it all out.   A good thriller, menacing bad guys and a cheeky open-ended conclusion – perhaps there might be more coming along relating to this story, Mr. Thacker?!  The development of the relationship between central characters, Ben and Julie, is realistic, albeit slightly cliched but never annoyingly so.     Looking forward to reading more of Mr. Thacker’s work in the bus/train on my forthcoming trip up to the Isle of Skye.

ISBN: 978-1496353135

Buy the book on Amazon here

My review is here

Nick Thacker’s website is here

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