The Art of Abstract Painting by Rolina van Vliet

Art of abstract painting Rolina van Vliet

This is another book that has provided inspiration in my development as an artist.   Many art books tend to focus on following a specific style or group of techniques and this can be inspiring for some but to others it can become like a prison and halt the creative spark dead in its tracks.

I have never conformed to slavishly copying or ‘mastering’ the so-called rules of technique espoused by so many ‘how to’ books on the subject of painting or the arts in general.    Rolina explains using examples how she approaches an abstract painting and how to drill down, as it were, to the bare basics of an object or scene to pull out the abstract shapes and lines within.  Her use of lines and marks is very strong.

What the book has to offer – in Rolina’s words –

  • The text gives you information about the background, goal and procedure of the abstract method, in which the development of your own talents is the main focus.
  • The illustrations clarify the content of the method. The text next to them, gives you extra details about practical matters, such as technique, composition, construction of the work, materials and pictorial language.
  • The study exercises and tips are intended to give impetus to your creativity, the emphasis being on play as the ideal teacher.

You can follow along with her ideas or use them as a springboard for your own explorations into form, colour and design. Her experiments playing with line and plane division [page 89] are almost exactly the same as some of my very early work, so I felt a bit of a connection with her because of that.

ISBN: 9678-1-84448-336-5

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Rolina Van Vliet’s website is here

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