The Watchmaker’s Doctor (Erase & Rewind Book 1) by G. M. T. Schuilling

The Watchmakers doctor G M T Schuilling

What would you do if you knew your days were numbered but you had a chance at a new start?  The catch being you had to go back to just one instance in your past where you could change things for the better.  Where would you start?  Would you look at your early life in school – primary, middle, high school, university, college?  Or would you go back to when you met your partner (if things hadn’t worked out well for you in the relationship) and fixed it so that never happened?  It’s an intriguing premise and this book was interesting.

Anaya, our central character, is a medical doctor.  She isn’t doing so good at managing her own life, never mind her patients and one such patient has a particularly potent affect on her future.   He is the enigmatic Gregory, who has been working on a watch for decades that can reverse time, something he’s quite adept at doing.   Anaya is faced with the inevitability of her death as she is struck by an oncoming minivan and at this moment, she is given the chance by Gregory to go back and live it all again.

What follows is a fast paced yarn showing how Anaya manages to juggle her future life without impacting too heavily on the fate of those around her who she holds most dear.   I found it was easy to empathise with her and her family’s battles.   Anaya also has Bipolar II and the impact of this mental illness is sensitively handled.  It can’t be easy going back to being a teenager and still having the thoughts and knowledge of a thirty-five year old!  But Anaya manages to hold it all together when it counts.

The story deals with timeless themes such as loss, time travel, overcoming grief and regret. It is a positive story and I would be interested to read more from this author in future.


You can find the book over on Amazon here

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