Voice of The Elders by Greg Ripley

Voice of the Elders Greg Ripley

Aliens arrive at a UN conference and offer to help save Earth, which will entail taking 12 humans to their planet to learn about their culture.

I felt this book was rather overbearing and pompous.  To me, it came across as laboured and overly stuffed with information that would have been best presented in a non-fiction book on the subject of Daoism, for instance, which is one of the main themes running throughout the story line.

I provide an example of the lecture like tone of this book, you decide:

  ‘The symbolism refers to turning the yang fire of the mind’s intent associated with the heart and the middle dantian, combined with the breath to cook the elixir in the cauldron of the lower dantian associated with the water element.’

Characters are thrown in, who don’t have much to do with the plot, and are just a vehicle for the author to make sneaky references to current day politicians – i.e. one character, ‘Terrence McDonald’ is so obviously a cartoon sketch of Donald Trump, even down to him ‘building a wall.  A great wall.’

I felt no real connection to any of the characters and the central heroine, Rohini, is just so Miss Perfect she was downright irritating.   I didn’t enjoy this book at all but hey, each to his /her own.


You can find the book over on Amazon here

Greg Ripley’s website here


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